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  • Sopurkh Singh

Our Highest Achievement

In our achievement obsessed society, we've lost site of what's important: that is to be being relaxed and peaceful. The most exalted state of the human being is to be relaxed and peaceful.

We have also forgotten that the feelings we have are there to help bring us present into our bodies, and that feelings are connected to the Soul. But we have learned as a society to avoid our feelings or think we have to fix them.

So when the feeling arises, our subconscious agenda is triggered and we go into thinking and doing, in order to fix. Consequently creating pain because we're avoiding the feeling and also continuing to disconnect with our Soul.

Instead, please try this: feel what you are feeling. You can handle a lot more feeling than you think you can. Feel the fear, the anger, the sadness. Feel it without thinking about it or following a story line about the experience of feeling the feeling. Breathe and feel. Take a few breaths.

This brings you present. If you continue to feel with just pure awareness, the feeling will dissolve into love.

Now, you are peaceful and relaxed. The highest achievement known to humans! Play with relating to others from this place of feeling. When you relate to others from this place, you are relating Soul-to-Soul. This is the purpose of communication.

Conversely, if you are relating to others from thinking, you are only relating to another's thoughts. Thoughts relating to thoughts. You are not relating to Me.

Come back and feel. It's a profound experience to relate to another with your feelings in the present moment, and therefore your Soul. Make this your only goal of your communications.

May Guru Ram Das Bless Us All!

Sat Naam,


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