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  • Sopurkh Singh


The poet David Whyte spoke about courage in this way: Courage comes from the Latin word "cor", meaning heart. So in this way, courage speaks to the amount of whole heartedness one has.

What do you do when you feel fear about doing something? Do it anyway! That takes courage.

It's important to distinguish what is your fear, from what you project is someone else's fear. For example, you may think that it's scary for your daughter to make new friends. But if you ask her, she may say it is not scary to make new friends. Therefore, it's either your fear about making new friends, or it's totally imaginary and made up in your mind.

Which brings us to another important point: what is made up in your head, is everything! The source of all experience is formless consciousness - Nirankar. We experience an event and filter it through our senses and then choose how we react; either positively, negatively or neutrally.

So how do you want to look and feel? Choose wisely! Choose Courage!

Sat Naam


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