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  • Sopurkh Singh

Maya and God

Right now, today, and exactly where you are, Maya and God are blended with everything. Everything comes from God and everything goes back to God. There is no other place to come from, and there is no other place to go.

God is playing in your heart right now. You have a body, but God has no body, God is Infinite. Contemplate the formless One, Nirankar. Pain and death never touch that One, nor the One who contemplates that Beloved One.

Contemplate by way of feeling. Don't try to figure it out. The Infinite One is the best friend of the mind and body. The mind and body change. Older, wiser, more flexible, less weight, etc. Allow yourself to feel within the fibers of the body the One who does not change.

Connect with the radiant light within. Let go of the fickle mind, desires, and anger. One touch of the radiant light dissolves anything. Don't pursue gold and status. Without the light within, all is dark. Chant and meditate. Dissolve attachment to Maya until you feel the light of the Soul.

Focus on forgiveness and you shall find peace. Let go of thinking and trying to make sense of it. Feel and know.

Waheguru! The Guru knows the secret and reveals the mystery.

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