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  • Sopurkh Singh

How To Be Present

Often we come to our meditation practice with a concern, an issue, a want or a desire circling around in our minds. We want something fixed in our lives. We yearn for some clarity about an important decision. We pray for something to be taken care of - this one is a particularly interesting phenomenon! We pray for something to be different than it is - isn't that what we are really doing? You might think that is fine. But he's the catch, as long as there is a "want" lurking around the prayer, or the meditation, then there's no peace. The "want" separates you from being present, which is where the peace lives.

So try this: come sitting up tall, close your eyes and focus yourself at the third eye point. Come to a one pointed focus and stay there. Watch your breath - in - and out.

Notice how quickly you become distracted by thoughts and emotions. Now go deeper into the one pointed focus at the third eye and notice the one who is noticing. Breath in - and out.

Take a few more breaths like this, go for 3 minutes.

Now, ask yourself this question: can I be someplace other than the present?

As you've seen, you can be lost in thought and emotion, and be creating a story endlessly! But knowing that you cannot be someplace else, knowing that you can only be in the present moment with mind, body and spirit together, having this experience is quite liberating!

Relax as best you can, and see what happens when you stop following your own "wants" around all the time. Instead of doing that, be present with no "want".

This is the gift of the True Guru - the present.

Be compassionate with yourself. Listen to yourself. When there is fear in the system, it can be hard to be present because to be present takes being vulnerable. Please know that being vulnerable is being courageous. It takes courage to be present. The universe is singing your song, calling you to be present, each moment, one step at a time.

May Guru Ram Das bless us with the miracle of being ourselves!

Sat Naam,


This morning from my office window.

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