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  • Sopurkh Singh

What Do You Love To Do?

Ask yourself this question: What do I love to do?

Now ask yourself: Am I doing that?

If the answer is no, consider that you not doing what you love is like cutting off your right arm. Notice if you think, "Well that wouldn't be so bad," - NO, IT WOULD BE BAD!

Doing what you love connects you with your soul. There are sensations of the body that connect to the soul. This feeling of love that is created when you do this one particular thing that you love, is a sensation of the soul. Hooray!

Just a touch, 30 minutes once, twice, three times a week does wonders for your soul connection, your happiness and for all those around you. It's like a drop of essential oil - one drop is so powerful! Contrary to what your busy life tells you (that you don't have time) - if you take the time to do what you love, the rest of your life flows more effortlessly. Time and space open up because love is infinite. Infinite is your soul.

Take 30 minutes right now! No matter how busy you are, if you take 30 minutes right now to do something you love, it will serve the rest of your life. You are for your soul, and your soul is for you. If you can't take 30 minutes right now, schedule some time as soon as you can.

Sending you my heartfelt prayers :)

Drawing of my wife.

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