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  • Sopurkh Singh

What is Self Confidence?

Many of us suffer from low self confidence or low self esteem. Many of us don't even know we suffer from low self confidence!

Some of the signs are anxiety, tension, nervousness, sadness, depression, non-stop thinking – sound familiar? These things are the fruit of the tree called Maya. But what's at the root of this gnarly tree?

A lot could be said about self and confidence. Even more could be said about high and low. So much has been said already! I myself have suffered from eating the fruit of this tree until my belly hurts. I've thought a lot about the trunk, and dug down into the roots very deeply.

Here's what I found: low self confidence, high self confidence – it's all just thoughts!

But we still go back and take another bite! When you take a bite of this fruit, feel how it feels in your body. Stop and feel it. Take 3 breaths and really stop, outside and inside. Notice any commentary going on about the sensations. Notice all the commentary and simply just feel more, feel deeper and breathe in the moment. You can experience being alive without being attached to your own thinking.

The attachment to the thinking is the root of the suffering. Feeling into the body sensations, breathing and chanting are good tools to help detach from thinking, and therefore be free from the yo-yo of high and low self confidence.

Sat Naam!

Sopurkh Singh

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