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  • Sopurkh Singh

More Desire, More Truth

Let's slow down and contemplate what is happening with desire. Take 3 deep breaths.

1, 2, 3.

Already feels better - more still, more clear.

Desire arises from nothing. We see this from a state of contemplation called Shuniya. Shuniya is a state of mind where there is stillness and no differentiation of sensation and thought. From this empty place, we observe the phenomenon of desire rising up, and without following it we see it flow unto infinity. No effort.

As many desires as you have - wow what a gift! - as many times you come back to Shuniya, your true nature.

Through this relaxed and natural process, allow Guru's spiritual wisdom to fill your consciousness rather than attaching to desire and Maya. Notice that there is pain in attachment, and joy in detachment. Love with detachment.

Don't get clever in your mind and say, "I allowed the desire, and now it will manifest!" - and therefore stay attached. Allow the desire to flow and enjoy the process without attachment.

The One who gives is immaculate.

Attachment makes the mind not immaculate. The mind is enticed by the beauty, and the wisdom. Be mindful of becoming enticed by pride. Don't shame, blame or game.

Come back to Shuniya, nothingness and allow Guru's spiritual wisdom to permeate your consciousness, subconscious, and unconscious.

Beautiful, beautiful is the child of destiny who loves with detachment. Remembering Guru's wisdom and glory the child finds peace, priceless peace.

Even if only for an instant, one is at ease. There is no pride or cleverness.


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