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  • Sopurkh Singh

What is the Law of Attraction?

What's the deeper truth about the law of attraction? Is it only about manifesting our desires?

The deeper truth about the law of attraction is realized when you apply your consciousness and are mindful in the moment of how it feels when you are desiring something. How does it feel when you are desiring your yet to be met soulmate? How does it feels right now to be desiring the start of your own business? As you feel the desire, it will feel like a primal joy, a soul joy. It's a joyful feeling in relation to your soul. If it doesn't feel like joy, if it feels like pain, it's a desire in relation to the mind or body and will only serve to splinter your relationship to your soul and expand your ego, so let it go. With practice you'll naturally move to your breath and into the nothingness that holds every desire. Back to the joy of the soul: totally surrender to the feeling and don't follow any thoughts and stories of the mind. Don't attach to any outcome. Just feel. This is sacred joy. Not the constant search for joy of the mind. The soul is attracted to the universal soul. It's an attracted of pure love, there is no pain in this attraction. Love embracing love.

By letting any outcome and thoughts go around the desire, there is more likelihood of the desire manifesting, but that's not the true jewel. What is at the root of all desire, is the realization of your nothingness. The experience of your emptiness in the moment is an everlasting joy that is the desire of desires. Every soul desire will lead you here.

The more you practice this, the less mind desires come and constantly occupy your space. You also become less and less attached to outcomes because the infinite joy within is always here and filling you.

So feel the joy in your desires and without pushing away the desire, and without trying to pull in the outcome, but rather just staying with the feeling of desire in your nothingness, you will find everything. Liberation from desire does not come by trying to transcend, overcome or ignore desire. It comes by feeling it right in the center of your being without past or future thoughts. There is joy whether the desire manifests or not. This relationship with the joy of your soul is for the good of all. Whatever thing you think you desire is but a mere shell compared to the jewel of this primal joy.


Sopurkh Singh

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